I like your Jesus, I hate your Christ

Jesus is my homeboy. Jesus is my role model. Jesus is primo leader extraordinaire. WWJD. Jesus is such an inspiration.

There is little doubt that we have plunged head first into a deep adoration of Jesus. We love the parts about Jesus that lift up our need to care for the poor. We can’t get enough of how Jesus tells us to love each other as fellow travellers on the road of life. We are giddy over Jesus harsh words damning the religious institution and practices of his day.

Here is the problem with all this; we have neglected the significant piece about why Jesus came in the first place. We are broken, sinners, outcasts, void of purity, lost, and in need of a savior. When we stop to look at ourselves we rarely do it without comparing ourselves to thos that carry out atrocious acts of hate and violence and we say; “I am not that bad. I’ve got nothing against God and because God is love I am sure that God has got nothing against me. I am trying after all.”

When we buy into this narcissitic version of divine love we are fooled into believing that nothing is required of us and this allows us to pass on through our days as we see fit saying “I like Jesus, but I hate the Christ.” Too strong? I don’t think so, because when we live with an us centered divine love we reject God’s real love that came that the price of the Son, his life for ours, his blood for our salvation. We are saying I don’t care that you spilled your blood, that you died. Just take me as I am and what I offer otherwise its on you for not really being a loving god.”

I believe that if Jesus had been sent today, rather than over 2,000 years ago, he would be executed by our government at the American Christian churches insistence for his judgment against our lives and our practices.

Wake up Church! You need a savior and he was given for you and your neighbor. Start living like the blood that was spilled means something.

Beware pastors! Stop misleading the people of God! Jesus is not the model leader for your ministry. Jesus is not the model of a life well lived. Jesus is not the happy pill that the people need to be sold. Jesus is not your ideal political candidate. Jesus is the Christ! The Lord of all and we would do well to bow our egos and our pride and start living as servants of God who are motivated solely by our deep desire to see the name of Christ glorified.

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