you can’t control everything

In truth there are very few things that you can control. At most you can control how you will respond, react, and be proactive in your life. Who taught me this? My seven year old. She is the first born and shortly after her “good morning daddy” she proceeded to dictate to her siblings how things were going to be for all of them. Of course they were not cooperating, which intensified the situation, and resulted in my having to intervene more than once. “Sweetheart, you will have a hard day at school if you keep telling the people around you how they have to be around you.”

As I said those words, a light went on in my head, and conviction hit my heart. How often in my leadership have I attempted to dictate that “this is the way things will be” and why am I not surprised that it did not result in a positive outcome. Maybe, there was a reaction that was in line with what I said, but often it came without joy or a desire to do it consistently. I realize that I am not the first to write about the need for leaders to empower. However, I have never read that someone learned this pivotal lesson while guiding their daughter towards a better outlook for the day.

So you can’t control everyone or everything. You CAN empower others by casting a vision and asking them to help you shape it into a reality.

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