Love is sleepless

As I mentioned before I am a father of four children and they are all a gift. That said some of their gifts I could do without. For example the gift of no sleep when they are teething. It is one thing to find a rhythm during the middle of the night and early morning feedings, but I can say without a doubt that all of those nights are far more bearable than those caused by the teething factor. Everyone and their mom’s mom has a special never failed me trick to make it through that stage. Soothing lullabies, homeopathic chamomile tablets, to the good old finger swab of whiskey. The problem or maybe more accurately the truth of the matter is that we are all unique and there is never an effective cure-all for every child during the teething stage.

Teething simply must be endured. So raise a mug of beautiful caffeinated beverage with me this day, attempt a smile (or at best ask your heart to smile by meditating on the joyful moments that your child gives you) and face the day knowing “this too shall pass.”

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