A fine line

I believe that all parents wrestle with whether they are doing a good job. In fact for all our efforts there is often times disgust in the face of the child or tears or “that’s not fair!” I wish I had the ability to give the gift of foresight to all parents to see what kind of adult their kid will be later in life. Sadly, I can not give that gift to myself, let alone to all of you. It sure would be nice though and/or terrifying.

I merely want to encourage you if you are currently investing in the life of a child right now (parent, grandparent, guardian). Stay strong, speak in love, and know that you are not the only one struggling with this difficult, at times seemingly impossible task, of raising a child today.

Guide them, instruct them in the way they should go, but above all let them know you love them. Spend time with them, listen, tell them.

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