Nothing says “I Love You” like snot!

I have four awesome kids under the age of 8 years old. There is nothing better than coming home after work, a seminar, or meeting to “Daddy, your home!” As they get older I know some of the super excitement that they express will disappear. I will miss it, but it will be cool to see them grow, discover, and assert themselves. One thing I won’t miss will be the snot. It happens every fall, winter, and spring time. Something gets their little mucus glands to produce and then it turns into a constant battle to keep it off their faces and me. I am speaking mostly of that 2 to 4 year old range.

It is like their love is so strong for you that they forget how uttering disgusting they are at that moment with the wretched combo of crusty and moist junk on their faces as they leap in for a hug. The leg hugs are okay at the end of the day, because those were going to go into the dirty clothes hamper anyway. You know what I mean by leg hug; the kind where they rush up, wrap themselves around a leg and proceed to rub their faces on the fabric all while laughing and squealing. Those are not so bad, especially compared to the cheek smooch. Oh man, it is like everything turns into slow motion and you want to run, but you can’t move. Then…..impact and all you can do to keep it together is remind yourself “It’s a sign of affection. They just love you this much. It’s all love…..eeehhwww.”

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