Across every generation

It seems that Missional Theology is being picked up and run with in a way that is very restrictive in some locations. The restriction is taking place across generational lines. I am sure it does not happen this way at first, but clear decisions are being made in each generation that are separating us once again. Some of the older generations may see missional as a way of affirming how they have done “church” their entire lives. That it is all about helping the neighbor you know next door (or the pew next to you) first, then once you have done that to a satisfactory level you can work towards “larger endeavors”. Younger generations are viewing it from within their post – God cultural point of view and see it as a justification to boycott Wall Street and usher in global social justice.

Both are right and wrong at the same time. True missional communities are not bound by where you were born or WHEN you were born.

It is not concerned with styles of music, communication, or ensuring that you have the best age specific programs in town.

Missional communities exist to bring glory to the name of God through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. It does not have to meet in a bar/comedy club nor does it have to happen in a sanctuary (with or without pews)/strip mall/school cafeteria or house.

Missional Communities just do, regardless of location, to the glory of God!

They welcome all generations and work to listen to each without favoring one over another.

Remember with age comes responsibility, not entitlement. Remember children are not the Church of tomorrow; they are the Church right now. Remember we are the body of Christ; not the factory of hope. A body needs each part to achieve the goal the head has set out to do. A factory can produce a multide of items and not all that is produced is good.

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