As we gather

No matter what time of the week we get together with other Christians to sing, pray and study God’s word, each time that we do it is an act of public witness. We, who are gathered in by the Spirit gather to declare to the world that it is important to break from the normal routine and place the One above all names at the center of our lives. This is something that most chose to neglect as something that is inconvenient, boring, or annoying.

When a public worship service of the gathered in Christ takes place and is rightly understood then there is no room for boredom, no scheduled event that is more important, for we believe that we are participating in an activity that is engrained within our DNA. That is, to lift the name of the Lord to the highest place within our lives and world. We are not God, it is time to stop acting like are lives are so important that we don’t have time to gather to praise God’s name!


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